Business Partnerships for Meeting Planning Excellence Showcase


The Business Partnerships for Meeting Planning Excellence Showcase is an annual Edu-Promo Planner event designed to accomplish 3 important objectives:

1. Discovery of a fresh or new, upscale venue for meetings

Create an opportunity for you to be one of the first to discover and preview what is Fresh or New for meetings at one of the top hotel and resort meeting venues in the country.

2. Education about the value of business partnerships
to achieve meeting planning excellence

Offer a two day event designed to share with executives responsible for meetings what Memorable Meetings has learned from the planning and execution of more than 3000 senior level meetings over a period of 30 years to reveal the 5 Keys that we discovered were the significant difference between every good meeting that we planned in contrast to those meetings that our clients expressed were truly extraordinary! We named these the 5 Keys to Memorable Meeting.

3. Witness the transformative power
of the 5 Keys to a Memorable Meeting

You will get to experience on an up-close and personal basis, the 5 Keys to a Memorable Meeting that when applied strategically, are so unique, so intimate, so personalized, so customized and so memorable that you will be compelled to want to create the same experience for the attendees at your next conference or event!

good to extraordinary meeting event planners for executives

GtoE: Ritz-Carlton Amelia Island Showcase

GtoE: Omni Amelia Island Plantation Showcase

GtoE: Wolfson Children's Hospital "Giving Back" Showcase


Discover, Experience Feel

The Power of the 5 keys to a Memorable Meeting

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