Memorable Entertainment

league of extraordinary entertainers by memorable meetingsMemorable Entertainment offers unique and memorable alternatives to traditional, mainstream entertainment and speakers used at meetings and events. We represent you not the entertainer or speaker and we will orchestrate every detail, from fees and ground transportation to timelines and contract riders.

Extensive Research Library

Our research specialist will find the right entertainment for your social function or event. Choose from a variety of fresh ideas and new talent. We will send you, at no charge, video clips of the entertainment you select to preview from our extensive resource library.

Fresh & Clean

Memorable Entertainment brings you fresh, innovative talent that has been carefully screened for corporate audiences that demand tasteful, high-quality material.

Unique & Memorable – Featuring: The League of Extraordinary Entertainers

Our clients say the performers and acts from our rare collection of entertainers called The League of Extraordinary Entertainers are so unique they are often hard to describe. Each one is a world-class talent and moderately priced having successfully performed for some of the countries most discerning corporate audiences. In the end, The League creates shared experiences where “you just have to be there”!

Unexpected Value

Memorable Entertainment will create an air of electricity, a charming moment, or a fascinating idea – all of which can inspire new directions for your attendees.  Our trademark?  The element of surprise to “wow” your audience with the unexpected.