Memorable Golf by Design

memorable meetings hotel negotiation meeting planner expertsMemorable Golf by Design is a service dedicated to the job of organizing and planning memorable golf tournaments and events.  We specialize in knowing how to mix good business strategy with a quality golf experience for both the novice and the experienced golfer.

Detailed time-line for the tournament

A memorable golf tournament must begin and end on time. A golf tournament that starts late or ends late will surely delay the start of other important events on your agenda. Memorable Golf by Design will manage the golf tournament and tee times to ensure a seamless process.

Extensive checklist of all the “little things”

How many rental sets will you need? Left-handed or Right? Are all the names of the participants spelled correctly? Do the names match the bags? Are tees, balls, towels on the cart? Without a detailed checklist of everything that is needed to plan and run a tournament, the “little things” won’t happen. Memorable Golf by Design believes that it is the “little things” that count in creating a truly memorable golf tournament.

Fair, but strategically planned pairings

You may want to make certain your top customer plays with the right salesperson; or that your boss plays with a decision maker; or that you don’t put two staff people together from the same territory. However, you may also want to make certain that you do not make the tournament unfair by pairing two low handicap golfers together. Memorable Golf by Design has the experience and the knowledge to mix good business strategy with fair tournament pairings.

Fun with rules, awards and the presentation process

Memorable Golf by Design will provide a customized, detailed script and rules sheet for the executive in your organization whom you select to MC the tournament. The script will outline everything that is important to say before the tournament, directly following the tournament, and during the awards presentation. Also included are many tried-and-true fun “golf bit” suggestions that will guarantee laughter and make the awards presentation and reception memorable.

High quality, unique golf awards

How do you differentiate your golf tournament from all others? Memorable Golf by Design will recommend unique, high quality awards or giveaways that will make your guests feel special and want to proudly display them in their office or home.

Comprehensive & accurate advance registration process

What are your players handicaps? How many gloves, shirts, hats or jackets will you need to buy, and more importantly, what sizes? When are their arrival and departure times? Memorable Golf by Design will customize and manage a database using a comprehensive questionnaire to gather complete, accurate information about your golf participants.

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